You may have seen reports on the news about the catastrophic floods that hit West Yorkshire on Boxing  Day 2015. Tragically our studio was in the midst of the worst hit area. We were submerged under four and a half foot of water for several days. When the waters subsided everything was covered in inches of thick contaminated mud.
We have lost everything in the studio that was below head height, this includes all of the machinery, fabrics, trimmings and most of the stock.
The building in which the studio was housed also suffered considerable damage and has been condemned. Walls have been washed out and part of the floor has collapsed.

Some of you may recall that we were also a victim of flooding back in 2012. We were able to recover relatively quickly from that disaster as we were fully insured. Unfortunately this time our insurance company has refused to pay us anything for flood damage.

Below are some pictures of the studio a few days later. As you can see the devastation has been extensive and it will take many months for the area to recover. However we are absolutely determined that this will NOT be the end of 'The Dark Angel'. We will be back, reborn and revitalized!

Naturally with no insurance, progress will be slow, but we WILL do it! A crowd funding page has been set up by a close friend and supporter of the company, so far this has raised over £5,000. These funds have enabled us to get everything off site very quickly and into safe, dry storage. We are now negotiating a new work space (off the ground floor and well away from the river!) As soon as this is in place we shall begin work on salvaging and replacing all of the destroyed pattern blocks. Only when that is done can we start to think about manufacturing again.
In the meantime we are going to attempt to keep the website running, unfortunately we have very few products available right now. If there is a price showing under the product thumbnail then we do have some stock. The sizes and colours will most likely be very limited but you may just get lucky and find something that is perfect for you! All of the items that are listed are available for immediate dispatch.
There is also an Etsy shop running that is selling off some items that have been flood damaged and professionally cleaned. Do check this out as there are some amazing bargains to be had in there 'DarkAngelSALE'

We can only apologize sincerely for the inconvenience this is causing. We will be working very hard to bring the designs back one by one, so please do check back regularly. Your support is absolutely vital to us right now. Every single item that you purchase will be a step closer to us getting back on our feet again.

And to everybody who has supported us so far, through the fundraiser and with your amazing messages of encouragement, we just can't thank you enough. It is your support that has given us the strength that we needed to cope with this disaster xxx

This was the car park behind our studio!

And the local post office...