417 - Kelmscott Gown

A beautiful Medieval style dress, the Kelmscott Gown is made from a black panne velvet with a contrasting silk velvet front panel. The drop sleeves feature an ornate band around the top arm in a deep Gupuire braid. The sleeve is lined in a rich Taffeta and trimmed with a finer ornate braid. The front panel of the dress laces with a black satin ribbon, this ribbon can be used to adjust the fit, ensuring that the gown fits snugly around the chest and waist. The front panel and sweetheart neckline are also trimmed with a fine ornate braid. The entire dress is fully lined out with a fine black satin; this ensures that the velvet hangs and drapes beautifully.

£95.00 GBP £125.00 GBP

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