Peacock Dresscoat

The glorious Peacock Dresscoat is a wonderfully versatile option for an alternative wedding gown.

It can be made in a variety of fabrics but is best suited to lighter weight silks etc. The coat features a short front panel with a long flowing lace up back and drop ‘trumpet’ sleeves.

It can be worn over a simple skirt and corset or a more traditional dress. It is incredibly versatile; you can make a sweeping entrance in a blaze of colour, with a dramatic train, and then slip the coat off to reveal a second outfit underneath! Handy also if your wedding venue is both outdoors and indoors, the coat allows for a little cover if you need to keep warm.

If required, we can make a full coordinating outfit to be worn under the coat. As the coat back is so full it works equally well with a straight skirt or a very full tulle/net skirt.

The colours can of course all be adapted to suit your specific theme.

The Peacock Dresscoat was worn by bridesmaids at the wedding of fairy artist Myrea Pettit and her author husband, David Riche. You can find more images from this beautiful event on their website here.

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