Sari Dress

This is another design that was created specifically for a Lunaesque shoot.
The 'Sari Dress' can be seen in both 'Ygraine's Daughters' and 'Desperate Romantics'

As the name implies, the Sari Dress was created from a beautiful vintage sari. The original sari was carefully taken apart and the sections rearranged then engineered so that each design element worked perfectly with the cut of the overdress. This involved hours of work for our highly skilled garment technicians, but the end result is simply stunning!

The underneath part of the dress is a smooth spandex velvet in a soft, dusty heather colour, this is quite beautiful with the muted greens and gold's of the sari fabric.
The overdress is shaped so that it sweeps around the bust area and fastens underneath with an antique finish brass clasp.

The sari that we used for this design is a one off, so we couldn't possibly recreate another one exactly the same. However we can make something similar, either from a different sari or an alternative fabric.

Prices would depend entirely on the fabrics used. Starting in the region of £150.00

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