About Us

The Dark Angel label was founded in the UK, back in the early 1990s by 'Rivendell Studios'. The label has since gained an international reputation for ethically producing high quality, alternative clothing.

In our online store you will find an extensive collection of beautiful fairytale designs. We are renowned for our exquisite dresses and gowns which are perfect for Gothic, Medieval & Pagan weddings, Prom dresses or Costume/Masked balls. We also have a wide selection of traditional steel boned corsets and bodices, long hooded coats and beautiful cloaks in Velvet and Organza.

Our men's wear perfectly complements these fairytale creations with a stunning range of the most elegant attire, including Frock coats, Tail coats, Damask trousers, Brocade & Silk waistcoats, Pirate/Poet shirts and Period style Cravat shirts. We also have a selection of complimentary designs for children.

All of our clothing is designed and produced ‘in house’ in our own studios. We do not buy stock in from other manufacturers, nor do we wholesale our designs to other retail outlets. Everything within ‘The Dark Angel’ store is exclusive to our studios and can only be purchased directly from our website or our designers Etsy store. 

The majority of our clothing is manufactured in our UK studios, located in Devon, England. A limited amount of our basic separates are made off site in small workshops overseas.

The Dark Angel is committed to ethical manufacture; we actively avoid using any fabrics, trimmings or other components that are made in China. The workshops that we occasionally use are located in Thailand and Nepal, these workshops have been personally selected and vetted by our own staff, who have lived and worked on site to ensure that working conditions are ethical and benefit the local community.

Most other popular ‘alternative’ clothing stores are selling garments that are mass manufactured in sweatshops in India and China, the clothing is cheap, shoddy and badly fitting. Disposable fashion like this is destroying our planet, we urge you to buy less and truly cherish the pieces that you do invest in.

You will pay a little more for our exclusive designs, but you will be acquiring a garment that is beautifully tailored and individually crafted to the highest possible standard. Our clothing is designed to last you for many, many years.

Photography © carriangelphotography.com