The Selkie Skirt

One of the wonderful things about working with the 'Lunaesque' team is that we get to design some quite wonderful costume pieces just for the sheer hell of it!
The 'Selkie Skirt' is one of those dream pieces. Totally nonviable as a commercial design and almost impossible to wear as a regular item of clothing, but it is a photographers delight! I've no doubt this skirt will make an appearance in quite a few more Lunaesque projects yet :)

Of course if you are looking for something to make one hell of an entrance in, and you happen to have a team of attendants to manage the 8 yards of train, then this would be quite stunning!

The skirt is made up of several layers that gather onto an elasticated satin band. The underskirt layer is cut from silver satin that falls into four long points. Over this is a layer of floor length, gathered shot chiffon in a soft, dusty green. The top layer consists of two, four yard lengths of fluted fabric that start to gather at the side of the waist and overlap at the back, falling into the most dramatic train. The fabric we have used is quite beautiful, it is in tones of silvery green and is just so incredibly fluid, it looks just like a flowing river.

This design could be replicated but the sheer amount of fabric used would be reflected in the cost. Prices start in the region of £150.00

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